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Slapped Cheek and Pregnancy

Slapped cheek virus may have serious effects in the early stages of pregnancy.

Dangers For Pregnant Women

During the first 20 weeks of pregnancy the virus can cause miscarriage if a pregnant woman is a) exposed to the virus and b) contracts the virus. Also during this time, the virus can also cause a rare condition known as foetal hydrops, which can cause congestive heart failure, a severe form of oedema (swelling of body tissues due to excessive fluid) due to severe anaemia.

But whatever stage your pregnancy is, you should immediately contact your doctor for additional and up to date information.

What to do if you pregnant

The main thing is not to come into contact with children. Although this may sound difficult, you need to reduce the chances of catching the virus. Because viruses are caught through the air or touching those infected you need to ensure you are away from the danger zones.

Additionally viruses can not be treated with antibiotics so if you catch it you have it until it moves out of your body.

People who are likely to be more in danger are teachers, child carers, nurses and other carers who are in daily contact with young children.

If you are at all concerned you should contact your doctor who will be able to give additional advice and undertake a blood test if necessary to see if you have caught the slapped cheek virus.

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